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Our story

I was on my phone, online shopping, in Thailand. I got inspired by something I had seen and on that night decided I was gonna start sewing. I searched for a sewing machine, threads and fabric all over Phuket. Finding a sewing machine wasn't as easy as you might think, and I ended up sewing my first pair of underwear by hand. It took me hours and hours. When I finally got back to Sweden a few weeks later, I purchased a sewing machine and that was that!


Our mission

Petticoat underwear are handcrafted with Love in Stockholm, Sweden. Using locally sourced material and a made under good working conditions. Each piece is finished by hand in Sweden with carefully chosen, quality fabrics. All gussets are made from recycled fabrics, and our scrunchies has been made from leftover fabrics  -  we are always striving to learn on how to improve and always looking for ways to improve our green practices.
Our ambition is to promote female empowerment and make women feel confident about their inner and outer beauty.


- Josephine Samuelsson